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Mexicali Mexican Grill, located in Massachusetts and ConnecticutAt Mexicali Mexican Grill, our customers always leave satisfied and amazed after every visit to one of our restaurants. This wonderful dining experience is filled with our friendly service, freshly prepared dishes, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Unlike other restaurants, Mexicali Mexican Grill honors its authenticity and family spirit. Everyone works together, not only as a team, but as a family. When customers come to Mexicali Mexican Grill, they are treated just that way, like a part of our family. While our menu is the same for all our restaurants, each location has a slightly different taste in its interior decor. We like to think it adds some more fun in dining with us – because our customers can enjoy the same menu they have come to love in several different settings. We welcome our customers to come and taste the difference—once you give us a try you’ll never go anywhere else for fresh cooked, authentic Mexican food. Not only will you feel the difference, we guarantee you will taste the difference!

Here at Mexicali Mexican Grill, we are grateful for all the help we’ve had along the way. We appreciate all of the feedback we have received from our customers and always welcome more feedback and comments to help us make our restaurants more enjoyable. We hope that you find this Web site helpful, and look forward to having you visit one of our locations soon!


The Mexicali Mexican Grill Family

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