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A Mexican New Year

Mexicali Fresh Mex GrillWhen the clock strikes twelve, we throw our hands in the air, scream and shout, and drink glasses of champagne to ring in the New Year. This may be an American tradition, but what happens during the Mexican New Year?

In Mexico, there are many rituals that surround the coming of the New Year. The rituals are often passed down through the generations, and are meant to help people be successful, find love, and encounter good luck the following year. While some of the rituals have religious backgrounds, (such as praying or attending a church service before midnight), many of them are meant to bring good luck and happiness.

Common New Year’s Rituals

Similar to what many of us do here in the United States, it is common in Spanish culture to make a list of all of the things you wish for in the New Year. Things such as losing weight, quitting a bad habit, or finding a new job are common goals that many people plan to accomplish after the clock strikes twelve.
It is also common to dress in festive clothing during the New Year’s celebration. White clothing is worn to ward off illness and attract good health, while reds can be worn to bring love into one’s life. Even red and yellow underwear is popular, meant to bring passion or happiness and wealth.
As the sun sets and the evening settles in, a common ritual involves turning on all the lights in one’s home, as a way to allow success and prosperity to radiate throughout the year. Then, a festive dinner is prepared. The table is set with only the best tablecloth and sparkling dishes. It is common to see red and gold on the table, as these colors are meant to attract prosperity and luck.

When the Clock Strikes Twelve

When it is time to shout “Happy New Year!” On January 1st, try some of these Spanish-inspired traditions at home!
Toss a glass of water out the window– This is representative of expelling tears, worries, and negativity in the New Year.
Sweep the floor– Sweep a broom from the door to the street as a way to get rid of troubles, negativity, and bad vibes in the home.
Take a trip– If you are hoping to travel in the New Year, grab a few suitcases and walk around the block. The longer the walk, the further you will travel!
Gain prosperity– Those who place a coin in their shoe or a ticket in their pocket will make money in the New Year. Or, eat a handful of lentils for the same effect!
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