Mexican Wedding Reception Ideas

A wedding reception is a celebration of love. In Mexican culture, the celebration of love is the most meaningful celebration of all, and is worthy of an extraordinary fiesta. With marriage being such a sacred affair, a wedding reception is supposed to be the ultimate party. Whether you are Mexican or not, the elements of a Mexican wedding reception are very fun and have been rising in popularity. Here is some inspiration. 

Mexican Wedding Reception IdeasLa Marcha

A Mexican inspired wedding reception traditionally begins with la marcha. The bride gets to choose a man and a woman to lead two chains of dancers. The dancers hold on to the shoulders of the person in front of them. The two chains weave in and out of each other to the music that is playing.


At many Mexican celebrations, one of the biggest focuses is on music. The most traditional form of music at a Mexican inspired wedding reception is the mariachi. Mariachis are very versatile and can play fast upbeat music, as well as subdued romantic music. Mariachis include trumpets, violins, and guitars, and they even move around the reception as they play.


The most common dishes at a Mexican wedding reception are chicken, pork, spicy rice, beans, and tortillas. As for the desserts, the wedding cake is traditionally soaked in rum and made with nuts and dried fruit. Mexican wedding cookies are usually served as well. They are pecan or almond cookies that are rolled in sugar.


The most popular drinks at a Mexican wedding reception are tequila, rum, whiskey, vodka, and beer. A traditional local spirit that is usually had is posh. Posh is a very strong spirit brewed from cane. Sangria is often served as well.

The Money Dance

A traditional dance at a Mexican wedding reception is the money dance. Guests get to pin money on the bride and grooms clothing in exchange for a short dance. They then get a few moments with the bride or groom. The bride and groom get to keep the money for their honeymoon or for their new household together.

La Vibora de la Mar

The la vibora de la mar, also known as the sea snake, is a popular Mexican wedding reception song that everyone gets to join in on while singing and dancing. Everyone holds hands as they are in a circle. The bride and groom then hold hands to form a bridge for all the guests to go under. At the end of this dance, the bride throws her bouquet and the groom throws the brides garter.

The Torna Boda

The torna boda is the after party, because those in the Mexican culture know how and love to celebrate. The fiesta continues all night. The celebration of love keeps going and going. Traditionally, tacos and beer are served.

There are many more Mexican wedding reception traditions, but these are a wonderful start to get inspiration and ideas. From sacred traditions to decadent food, to entertaining dances, these will add festive flair to your Mexican-inspired wedding reception.

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