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How to Make Tortilla Chips

Have you ever noticed the difference between the home-style Mexican tortilla chips that you find in our restaurant and the bagged chips that you pick up at the supermarket? How to Make Tortilla Chips; Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill; MAMexican style tortilla chips are actually healthier, but they can be harder to find in an average grocery store. Surprisingly, it is a quick and easy process to make tortilla chips in your own kitchen!

How to Make Tortilla Chips: Getting Started

In order to make tortilla chips at home, you will need:

  • corn tortillas
  • oil (vegetable or canola)
  • salt

The process to make tortilla chips requires only a cutting board with a knife, a baking tray, and an oil brush. It’s that easy! Begin by preheating the oven to 350 degrees.

How to Make Tortilla Chips: Step # 1

After you have done the preparations to make tortilla chips, you must oil the corn tortillas. To make tortilla chips of the best quality, brush the tops of each tortilla with oil and then stack them on top of each other. This allows the oil to seep in and adds flavor to the chip.

How to Make Tortilla Chips: Step #2

Once your tortillas are well oiled, cut the tortillas into four wedges. The chips are now beginning to take shape!

How to Make Tortilla Chips: Step #3

The next step in order to make tortilla chips is to oil your tray. You can then place a single layer of corn tortilla wedges on the oiled tray. Be sure to put the non-oil side down in order to make tortilla chips that will truly be restaurant quality.

How to Make Tortilla Chips: Step #4

The final step in making tortilla chips is to sprinkle salt on each wedge, and then place the tray in the oven for 8-12 minutes. The chips should be turned up around the edges when finished. When the chips are finished, you can remove them from the oven. Allow them to cool to 2-3 minutes before doing any tasting.

It’s that simple! You now know how to make tortilla chips yourself. Of course, dining with us at Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill is even simpler. We have three Massachusetts locations—Holden, Spencer, and (soon-to-be-open) Ware—each giving you complimentary baskets of our tortilla chips and salsa to start your meal.

Have you ever attempted to make tortilla chips? Do you have and dos and don’ts to share with our readers?