The Importance of Family Dinner Time

Do you make room in your life for family dinner time?Family Dinner Time, Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill, MAIf you do have a set time to sit down for a family dinner, good work!  It can be tough to carve out quality time to spend with your loved ones. But, setting a family dinner time that you can all stick to has its benefits.

Having a family dinner is essential for opening communication and a great way to spend time together every day. If you feel like you’re missing that connection in your life, then maybe it is time to start a family dinner routine.  The following article from TLC talks about why family dinner is so important and emphasizes all the benefits it can bring to you and your children.

What are the benefits of family dinner time?

by Jane McGrath

To most teenagers (and even some parents), there’s nothing more passé than dinner with the family. Instead of sitting down with stuffy parents and annoying younger siblings, they’d prefer to load their plates, scuttle away and sequester themselves in their own rooms to eat. In today’s technological age, when almost every teenager has his or her own laptop, cell phone and television, it can be difficult to get them to drop everything and take a break. But evidence suggests that’s exactly what they need to do.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University researched the benefits of family dinners and found clear results. Specifically, researchers compared the responses of children who reported having family dinners fewer than three times a week with those who have family dinners five times or more per week. The study concluded that children who enjoy frequent dinners with their family are far less likely to develop substance abuse problems. If a child has family dinner time on a regular basis, he or she is:

  • Half as likely to try cigarettes or marijuana
  • One-third less likely to try alcohol
  • Less likely to have friends who drink alcohol or use marijuana
  • More likely to say they won’t ever try drugs

Other Benefits to Meals en Masse

In addition to avoiding substance abuse issues, children who have regular family dinners earn better grades [source: CASA]. They’re also more likely to claim that their parents are proud of them and less likely to report tension among family members. Furthermore, when asked which adult they would confide in over a serious problem, children who have frequent family dinners typically say they’d go to a parent [source: CASA]. Researchers for the University of Minnesota School of Public Health found that adolescent girls who have frequent family dinners are less likely to use diet pills or develop eating disorders, such as binge eating or self-induced vomiting [source:Neumark-Sztainer].

What’s the Connection?

Why does family dinner time promote such healthy habits? Experts believe a regular face-time between parents and children facilitates communication, which, in turn, helps parents guide their children’s behavior [source: SAMHSA]. A meal just happens to be the most convenient opportunity for families to connect with each other on a regular basis.

Family Dinner Tips

CASA has a few recommendations to keep in mind when you do sit down to eat. For instance, it’s good to keep the conversation positive and inviting. For topics, there’s always the standby of asking about everyone’s day, but you can also talk about what’s in the news or plan future family activities over dinner. Probably most important, however, is to start the habit of frequent family dinners when your kids are young.

 Did You Know? According to the American Dietetic Association, studies have shown that children who have frequent family dinners tend to have healthier diets [source: ADA].

The benefits for devoting time to a family dinner are numerous and substantial in the family unit. Not only are family dinners a great habit to introduce to your kids, but it is valuable ritual for you and your spouse as well. All and all, family dinner time is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.

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