6 Mug-Worthy Mexican Winter Drinks

Discover the six winter drinks at the top of our to-drink list.

Sometimes, you need a little assistance from a liquid friend to warm you up during the long, cold nights. Get ready to cozy up with your favorite mug. There are a half-dozen warming winter drinks just waiting to jump in your cup.

6 Mug-Worthy Mexican Winter DrinksMexican Coffee

If you’re just trying to wake up in spite of the freezing temperatures, take the chill off with Mexican coffee. You might want to wait until 5 O’clock for this recipe, since Kahlua and tequila take center stage. But then again, you might not.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

When you think of chocolate and chili powder, you probably aren’t thinking of pairing them in liquid form. But, we encourage you to try this Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe – and we doubt you’ll regret it. Here’s a similar recipe for Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa that really turns up the heat.

Traditional Champurrado

Thick, warm, and unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. This winter drink recipe features Mexican chocolate, masa harina, piloncillo cone and ground cinnamon or anise seed for a frothy mixture any mug would appreciate.

Warm Winter Margarita

Apple cider, cinnamon, cane sugar, dried fruit and tequila dance together in this fantastic concoction from The Other Side of the Tortilla. Holidays or not, we’re putting this on our wish list tonight!

Two More Winter Cocktails

Courtesy of Drinking Made Easy, we’re spreading the good news: there’s another Mexican hot chocolate recipe among this heated duo. The other? It’s called Café Pacifico and we really think you’ll love it.

For more Mexican recipes and ideas, visit our blog archive or view our menus for our Massachusetts and Connecticut restaurants.

Cheers to staying warm this winter!